Monday, August 01, 2005

24-Hour RPG: FATES
A roleplaying game of Storytelling Proportions

Players portray the roles of the Fates as they narrate the events that affect the Storyteller's journey. A simple dice-less system is used to determine which of the Fates maneuvers the journey of the Storyteller in his attempts to reach his goal.

This was my entry to the 24-Hour RPG project which is currently hosted at this site. I have yet to get permission to feature the project as officially submitted to them, hence I am not posting it officially yet on my blog. You can find the post-date stamped-entries at the AEGIS forum where I originally wrote the game concept and system for it. Here's hoping it get's cleared and is accepted so I can cross it out as one of my projects for the year finally done!


  1. Uy aliw! diceless storytelling! Hope it pushes thru! :D Your tagboard isn't working, btw :( shoutbox ka na lang ;)

  2. Hmm.. shoutbox.. sige will look into that.

  3. teach me how to do vector art. nahihirapan ako pagdating sa face. yung eyes, nose and lips. grrrr. photoshop lang gamit ko =|

    ampf baket walang anonymous comments.

  4. hey tobie,

    thanks for dropping by my blog :) can i link youse?


  5. Hiya jaja, vector art... dali lang yan.
    Get a copy of Adobe Illustrator. Once you got one, and installed it, let me know.



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