Friday, April 01, 2005

Quickie Fiction: Babel
He told her about the situation and hoped she'd understand. His words came quick. The pain between breaths was so apparent, she realised he was at wits end. The intricate art of 4th dimensional architecture required a lot of planning, preparation and secure foundations, and he had made the biggest mistake of it all. She wanted to help him, even as he narrated to her how his last creation was crashing down that very moment.


She said that one single word to make him listen and finally explained to him her views. She gave him her opinions and ended it with an offer to be there if he needed to talk. Complicated. He used the word fifteen times and muttered something about everything being complicated.


"Well, you know you can reach me if things really go bad."

And she waited. She didn't think she should, after all, there was a point in time their careers were at each other's throats, and she had lost the bid for the contract when he did precisely what she asked him not to. But then again, she still believed in friendship. Even when it hurt.

Nearly two weeks pass. A trip to Venus didn't help. Neither did the fifty-seven second journey to Cas Mealgara where every second can last a day in Nonspace. She returned home to find herself still wondering if he made it out of his falling babel alive. And if he needed some comforting.

Then she saw the news. His 4th dimension disaster was nowhere in sight. What was, however, was the fact nothing had changed. The headline boasted proudly of his latest achievements, and once again she realised he did it again.

Even when it hurt.

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