Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Quickie Fiction: Trust

It started out simple. He wasn't interested in having sex with her anymore. She still needed it. It wasn't that she had nymphomaniac tendancies. Or saw sex as some form of drug that soothed her needs. It was simply the fact that they were together; Lovers in a world of one-night stands. Seventeen months passed with them sharing imprisoned laughs, soft groans and trembling moans. Then, without warning, just as they had moved in together into one of those posh apartelles in the east side of the city, he lost the urge for it.

"I can't explain why. And no, there isn't anyone else. I just.. don't feel like doing it anymore," he explained as tears retested the theory of gravity. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Still, she trusted him. And blindly, she tried to adjust.

There was someone else.

Their names were Katarina, Janice, a few swedes, a large collection of squeak-gasping Asians, a number of artificially enhanced mothers and a few guests to Mike's Apartment. He'd have one hand on the mouse clicking away, and the other hand on his dick. Avenue Q was right. The internet was.

"It's not like I'm seeing someone else... I just.."

She couldn't explain it. Couldn't find the courage to give her feelings words. She was unwanted. She felt unattractive. She could not compare to self-abuse and incomplete downloaded skin. She was less of a woman.

"Maybe you can see other people? Just for sex? As long as it is just for sex, you know. So your needs can be met too?"

Simple solution. Or at least it sounded like one. But the moment that begins, every night out with some friends becomes a suspected orgy. Every party with old classmates is assumed to be heavy make-out moments with new faces. Every overnight due to work becomes a measily excuse to fuck some one new.

Even if they weren't.

"I just can't do it with you anymore. I have no reasons why. I just don't feel like doing it anymore. Its no big thing, really. Our love isn't based on sex, right?"

She smiled. There was nothing else she could do.

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