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Games to consider running in the near future

In as much as many have remarked that it seems impossible for me to have so much time to run so many games, I still find myself looking forward to coming up with other games to run for my friends.  Not that long ago, I posted my hopes of running a Psychosis game, a DC Heroes game, a Weapon of the Gods game, a H.P. Lovecraftian game, and a PULP game.  So far, I only have the Pulp game to run someday soon.

Then of course there's my desire to run MODELS, my secret-agent game.  The RPG Musical remains a dream of mine to actually run (searches of the net so far reveal similar yet different achievements from what I had in mind).  And of course, there's always the desire to run more horror games and terrifying one-shot sessions, especially with games like those by John Wick or Wraith the Oblivion in my shelves waiting to be used.

Here are a few other ideas I've been finding myself excited to run:


My partner, Rocky, has recently gotten me hooked to a show called Pillars of the Earth.  The show nicely reflects the political machinations and manipulations that happen between the Church and the Nobility during the medieval era.  As fictional as the story may be, the show nicely captures the interplay that I loved in games like Vampire the Dark Ages as well as how I tend to approach d20 games.  While most appreciate Dungeons and Dragons for the MMO feel it provides, I like using it to have medieval age set gaming sessions for larger groups.  And yes, I must admit, as much as I do love Game of Thrones, I'm really liking the interplay of Pillars of the Earth more.  I guess I like the pacing of the show a bit more.  And the host of characters.    Now, with both as great springboards for inspiration, I'd love to get my hands dirty again and run either Vampire the Dark Ages, Mage the Sorceror's Crusade or even d20 again.  (Yes, d20, not 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons which really makes me think too much of MMO games).


On the other hand, having successfully run a Serenity - Dr. Who crossover game, wouldn't it be wise then to consider even more games with Dr. Who making an appearance.  Whether it be an actual Dr. Who game session, or one which has the Doctor and his friends cameoing in another game, it would be cool to have a chance to run stories that involve time travel the way Dr. Who does it.  Maybe this would even make it easier for me to run a Star Trek game for Rocky, since a Dr. Who crossover would be an easy way to explain away the inconsistencies of my Star Trek knowledge.


Then there's the PULP games I've been wanting to run for a while now.  In as much as an easy way in would be to play existing characters  like how he had the DC Heroes game, I would love to dip my hands back in the complex metaplot of the Trinity Universe.  To reintroduce to my players the role of the Aeon Society for Gentlemen and how it becomes instrumental in the eventual rise of the Aeon Trinity and the interplanetary adventures set in the future would be a blast!  I definitely would want my players to consider totally unique characters of their own in such a game though.  Playing existing characters tends to work best for limited run game sessions only.

In many ways the Adventure! system has been a game system I keep trying to run for a chronicle but gets regulated to merely one-shot sessions.   So far, I've run around five Adventure!games so far (with the last one, to my recollection, being a game with my best friend Tom and my good friends James and Eman)  and I really would love to get a chance to run a long-term chronicle in this some day.


I aslo wonder if its time to consider running a homage of games for the things we love from the 80s and 90s?   I am sure I am not alone in feeling that many of the reimaginations and relaunches of 80s shows have been terrible.  Transformers could have been a billions times better had it been by a different director.  Thundercats so far has, in my opinion, more misses than hits with its new incarnation.  Voltron is just sad.  Very sad.  I think the only real success has been My Little Pony, which frankly I haven't gotten my hands into.  Nor do I have any plans of doing so.  But what about running them as one-shot games?  Wouldn't anyone want to try being Aeon Fluxx in a game?  How about a MASK game?  Could you imagine what direction I'd take a Silverhawks RPG?

Lastly, and I know Rocky will so be afraid of the day I do push through with this.  I want to run an RPG based on this show.

Taken from

Because, yes, it is "ADVENTURE TIME!"

I know there are people out there working on 8-bit rpgs using this show as a springboard.  Or choose-your-own-adventure types of games.  But I think one can run a game using Big Eyes, Small Mouth as the system. I wonder if I'd ever get players for this?

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  1. I would love to join a Silverhawks RPG. Or, in a perfect world where lovely things from my childhood still existed, one based on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.

  2. captain Power! OMG with combat sequence against the tv

  3. I wanted one of those toys. Booo.

    I can recite the opening sequence from memory (at least I think I'm pretty accurate). Useless information!

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