Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keep them coming

I posted the other day about the dream house Rocky and I hope to get and I'm happy that many quickly contacted me with supportive suggestions.  I've sent my resume out to some of you, and have also replied back to the emails of others.   As of now, I have real estate referral options, online publishing options, possible outsourced work, lecture referral options and a few other requests for a portfolio as well. 

Thank you so much for the help.  More offers and suggestions are always welcome, but it does feel great to know how many friends are out there who are willing to help out.  

The baby steps to getting the dream house have begun.  I've even gone all the way to Paranaque to speak to my mom about it and heard her suggestions as well.  So far, everything seems positive and I can't wait to see how things will evolve.

On the online publishing front, I'm looking at doing some (or maybe even all) of these:

1) Role-playing game related output
I am looking at either coming up with my own table top role-playing game system, which I can then market and sell online at places like and the like.  I'm also looking at the SAS (modules) that White Wolf Gaming Studios produces and checking if they allow people to create their own and sell them (the way there was an open license for d20 materials some years back.  Alas as that link shows, they don't.  They do allow you to send summaries which if they like, can lead to them publishing it.)  It is kind of disturbing though how WWGS' submission guidelines link leads to this.   Deep down, I'd love to make books in a similar vein to Giovanni Chronicles (like a Toreador Chronicles that starts during the Renaissance era, or a Brujah Chronicles opening with the Fall of Carthage.  My favorite idea that I'd love to work on would be a Malkavian Chronicles, which spans from Ancient Rome to the modern days, but the players go through it out-of-sequence to represent a greater madness afflicting them.  So every new gaming session, they randomly roll which era they are playing through, and are allowed to use knowledge of sessions played in the future eras as a reflection of them tapping into the Malkavian Madness Network.)

Maybe it is time to have my Lurker system copyrighted and released?

2) Fiction output
I'm looking at getting my Surviving Manila zombie story novel released.  I can probably start with releasing Skydiving Without Parachutes.  I'm also reconsidering going back to my Dragon series (You can find it's many entries here.)

On the comic side, maybe it is time for Adventures of the Keyboard Kingdom.  And my dreams of a short film will best be approached as a comic for now (assuming I can finalize if I want it to be a straight or gay couple).  

Either or all can be released for the Kindle as well.  Maybe a few free torrents for the curious.

Beyond these, I'm really hoping to land a few new side-line job options which really good friends have contacted me about.  If I'm lucky, I'll be able to grab a job that can be accomplished while working at the computer, so it won't force me to abandon other possible offers.    Maybe by the Grace and God, things will look better on this end (yes that wordplay was intentional.)

Anyone else looking for property?  I have a few great suggestions that are also environmentally friendly.
Need a motivational speaker for your office?  I have a great suggestion I can offer you.
Curious to what range of work I do?  Well, there's my online comic diliman, which shows how I can do comics, as dark as they can be.  There's this old site where I housed my other comic-related stuff.  There's always my old deviantart account which I haven't updated in a long while.

And here are some links to commercials I worked on in the past as an Art Director and Graphic artist.

Long Distance Direct
Starry Starry Store
Long Distance Direct (sequel commercial to first concept)
Sarimanok One

My online short film called SWEETIE
I also acted in a few short filmes, including a short film called MUSE

Had a geeky webshow called Fandom Live! which lasted for around two years.  Most of the episodes are currently offline (the former server hosting them was physically damaged) but a few episodes were reuploaded here:

All in all, things are looking brighter ahead.
Let's keep fanning this flame larger!

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