Thursday, May 05, 2011

What to play... What to say...

Gaming is in the flux again.

With both the Saturday (The 94th Day: Giovanni Chronicles) group and the Sunday (Shards of a Solar Empire) group on hold since both have a player who will be taking an indefinite hiatus, I find myself having gaming-free weekends.  While those weekends have been spectacular in their own way, I still admit part of me longs for the rush that comes with storytelling and the joys of being part of an interactive narrative.   It doesn't help either that Rocky and I have been recently dipping our toes back into great shows like Alias and Dr. Who.  There's that need to explore worlds and not just watch them unfold that's been gnawing at my brain.

I wonder how the groups will work out the days to come.  As of the next three weeks, we have an upcoming wedding and the Open Gaming Meet for May.  Which means, most likely June will be the best time to start gaming again, unless of course something is set up for the 28th.  But what will be set up?  Will The 94th Day continue, or will the Saturday group opt for a different game instead?  Will the Sunday group be forced to drop the Exalted game and simply start a new game with a new third player?  In as much as I feel the urge to map these out already (and start mapping out game ideas) part of me feels iffy if doing so feels too preemptive.   And admittedly, there's something that feels "wrong" about continuing a game with a set of players that isn't "complete."  It is a crazy illogical notion, I know, but it is there.

Anyway, just to get these thoughts out, I decided to blog them and throw them out so they stop nagging my noggin for more room.

If new games were to be started, I find myself leaning towards the following:

Again the concept of having a Zoolander meets Charlie's Angels meets Alias appeals to me.    Secret Agents who are all international models, with super science secret agent gadgets that are functional and stylish to boot!   It is crazy and campy yet action-packed!

DC Universe
I'm a sucker for comics books, and admittedly, I think I can run DC universe-based games better than Marvel ones.  I dunno why though, since as a kid I actually collected Marvel comics more than DC.    But yeah, be cool to run a game where the players portray some of the big shots of DC comics.

Heck even better, a VERTIGO universe game.  That would be awesome!

Definitely something I want to run again, however I do not think it would be viable for long-term play.  Psychosis' cards only game style is remarkable in its execution and original in its concept, but may prove to be brain-melting if pushed beyond a short series of sessions.   For those unfamiliar, allow me to explain one of the key concepts:  Your character sheet is your cards in hand.

Demon:The Fallen
It can just be sooo good to play the bad guy.
I dunno though if the players are willing to really do this.  So far, from experience, players still end up becoming the bad guys who care. :-P

Wraith: The Oblivion
I sorely want to revisit this game.  If only I didn't always end up depressing players who play this game with me.  But man, this game is so ripe for beautiful drama, it feels bad to let it be a brighter game.

Some Crazy Dark Game I Invented
Again, I can always just tell the players to make any character concept they want.  Then throw them situations to respond to as they wish.   The last time I did this (Singularity) was pretty awesome and had very cool instances where the player just allowed his imagination to run free.  Maybe it is time I did this again?

Or maybe not necessarily dark.  A Dr. Who inspired game is always viable.  Hmm..

Or maybe PULP heroics
Gotta love the themes of pulp action.  And yes, considering this allows me also to dip my toes into "Planetary" storytelling, this would be cool to pull off successfully.  I do wonder if I can do it though.  And if the players are of the mindset to be Pulp heroes.

Ah, choices choices...
Ultimately, it boils down to what the players opt for.  If Rocky suddenly asks me to throw him a d20 game, for example, or the group finds themselves missing the FASERIP Marvel system, then why not?

But man, I do miss gaming already.
Even if we did game last Sunday.


  1. Well, there is always the CyberThulu game I think I saw awhile back, Scion the demi-god game whitewolf did I believe. Old fashioned D&D, or if your particularly frisky and willing to explore a bit of foreign material I can always let you try your hand at my Requiem material. Could be an interesting play-test opportunity for truly unique and unbiased feedback.

    Oh, Oh, Oh, I know! You can always check out pathfinder! It looks pretty promising. Or there is Deadlands... mmmm... Deadlands... Sorry. Just thought I'd try to help out.

  2. Ah you mean Cthulhutech. I saw that game. The system is kinda iffy....

    Pathfinder is promising if they ever want to play a d20-esque game. I heard it really nicely cleaned up system issues and made all the classes worth playing.

    Requiem, while an option, seems too soon to play considering Giovanni Chronicles might be one of the phased out games.

    Scion for me works best as a system and not a setting. But that's just me. I'd probably use the system instead to run games inspired by comics like the Luna Brother's Sword, or maybe even Singh's upcoming Immortals movie.

  3. Lol... Apologies, I had meant my own Requiem Sci-Fi setting game, which in retrospect while named prior to the whitewolf product might need to be re-named. Meh, oh well. Cheers, I know you will have fun and weave an unforgettable tale no matter the game.

  4. Oh, and yes, from what I can see, they have definitely worked wonders with pathfinder. Simply marvelous and so totally the approach wizards should have taken instead of the bastardization that 4th edition seems to be. Such depth and soul. We're actually wanting to run an initial game into it to explore it for ourselves.

  5. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Who is the Chinese agent?



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