Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Home-made PSEye rigging for our LCD screen

Ever since Rocky got us a PSEye and PSMove, I've been hoping to find a way to set the camera up on top of the LCD HD TV.  While it can work with it set at the base of the television, I realized games like Beat Sketch and The Fight work better if the camera was nicely trained to face the player head-on.

At first I was trying to find a camera tripod thingie which I was considering setting up behind the screen to hold the camera but all the existing tripods sold in CD-R King and similar stores were just too short.  Barring actually boring holes onto the wall, I realized I could use my well-earned Bosconian Technical Institute skills to create my own camera-shelf rigging.

And so that's what I opted to do.

At National Book Store, I found these four metal hooks that cost a total of Php25.00 The curve of the hooks would nicely rest on the LCD screen without scratching it.  Being metal, they would also be heavy enough to stay in place atop the screen.  So with these at hand, and a roll of scotch-tape, I made the rigging.

And here are the results:

Not bad for barely $1 eh?   What I need now though is a white portable curtain I can raise behind me so when I play Beat Sketch, I can make it look like the trailer!

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