Saturday, January 15, 2011

I am in Pain.

I woke up to Rocky curling up beside me and stroking my tummy.  I've developed quite a fuzzy paunch ever since we both started cooking and I had promised myself that this year I get started again on getting my body into shape.  While we actually do have easy access to a gym in this building, admittedly it was finding the motivation to go through the repetitive motions of working out that was a struggle.
Is this a realistic goal for one year?  Hmm..

Enter the two options we've decided to embrace.
The eternal battle.
1) Our own set of free weights
One of the ways to slowly build the body's tolerance to the aches and pains of working out as well as breaking free from the tamad tendency of just lazing around was to make sure the gym stuff were literally within arms reach.  Thankfully, we found a pair of freeweight dumbells for only Php1,400 in a nearby shop.
Seriously, the MOVE is this fun!
2) The PSMove
Yes, the Playstation Move.  As stupid as it may sound, the PSMove is actually pretty good in getting one off the chair and spending hours doing repetitive stuff without feeling bored about it.  Rocky got the PSEye and PSMove combo set as a gift for me (and I still insist it is a gift for us both) and after entertaining ourselves with games like Kung Fu Rider and Echochrome 2, I've decided to take a dive into trying a much more physically engaging game.
Only Php1,700 at your local Datablitz
Enter, The Fight: Lights Out.
For anyone who misses games like Mike Tyson's Punch-Out and has a lovely spot in his geeky heart for the movie Fightclub will realize this game is making both dreams come true.  The Fight is a PSMove game where you portray a young fighter training and fighting his way through a host of competitors, earning money to train further, purchase more ways to personalize one'a avatar, and even learn new moves.
Yes, Danny Trejo is your trainer.  This game is uber cool!
Negative reviews plagued the game at first, but further study easily revealed the negative reviews were mostly due to people not using the technology properly.  The Fight requires a good area of space for the PSEye to capture your movements, feet set down properly to keep you centered in front of the playing field, and proper lighting for the head tracking system to work at its best.

So with both in place, the options existing for me to work out are now within reach... and soon, I might build enough stamina and resistance to actually embrace my original plan, which was to take a stab at doing this workout called Insanity.
This seems more realistic for me for the first few months I guess.
It is the morning after my first PSMove game session with The Fight, and let me tell you, my arms and torso are pretty sore.  Biceps and triceps feel like I've been hitting the gym for hours.  My back and the area of the belt of adonis feel like they've been battered for hours.  Seriously.  This little game has me aching like hell and yes it is *that* good kind of pain.

So here's to eventually getting myself back to my hot self...

To think, this was so close to me not so long ago.
... if not exceeding it and getting even better!

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