Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gotta Tag Them All

Happy Tobie.

After blogging for more than seven years, I realize maybe it was time that I tried to make my blogposts a tad more... organized.  When I started, the concept of being able to "tag" your posts did not seem to be important to me.  While I might have had semi-frequent postings (such as the time I was actively writing for something called Slinging Ink), now I realize tags would help people who do read my blog find things they are interested in.  (About time, eh?)  
Happier Jakey.
While I do still try to keep most of my thoughts on being bisexual or gay in my other blog, the garapata blog has been in large part an outlet for my gaming, geeky and as of the late, gastronomic life.    I've written gaming articles, shared concepts and scripts, and uploaded everything from rants about life to celebrations of the littlest things that only geeks would understand.

if you have not heard of it, you really, really, REALLY, should look it up.
But I wonder, is there any other way to actually tag each and every posting one has ever made other than to manually do it one-by-one?  Admittedly, I don't quite look forward to doing that, and in some cases, I actually would rather not read through some of my earlier posts for fear of awakening now sleeping dragons in my head.  But if the only way to really properly tag my blog will be do to so, I might have to just bite the proverbial bullet.
So much to tag...

A quick peek back in time already reveals many old posts that have lost their links to the once online images.  For some (like my post with a certain celebrity) it is a sad thing, since it may have ruined the birth of more amusing anecdotes to be shared.  For others, it is a blessing.  Admittedly, considering how strong my opinions can get at times, there are some people who would rather not to have certain image associations still remain online.  But yeah, it is still all in there.  The rants, the full moon butt pic, the stupid quizzes I used to take, the documentation of my trips abroad, the talk of dreams and plans -- whether they failed or bore fruit...

Don't you?

But ultimately, my blog is my personal stomping ground.  It isn't some professionally written venue to earn me money (although, donations are always welcome) nor is it a platform for companies to harp on their latest promos in exchange for a free movie ticket or two.  What it contains is what I want it to contain.  And what I can promise is what I let it contain, if it pertains to the real world, will be things that speak of the truth of things.  

Because my blog is another record of my life.  
And I like living a life that is free from lies and deception.
And I treat all those who are part of my life in the same way.

I can only repay you with a game session.
Oooh but to tag them all...
..isn't there some kind of service out there that can do such a thing?

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