Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to Give Myself a Facelift

Oh my.. 
I've been tossing in my head something for a while, and while I posted yesterday about the desire to fix my tags, I realize now that I might want to really do more than just make my posts more accessible.  There is a deep desire in me to actually once again give my blog a fresher face.

When I first started blogging, I wasn't quite that particular about the look.  I barely chose anything beyond the basic template, and really only learned to fiddle around with the code when I found a few other sites that offered templates for free.  But eventually, I shifted back to a generic template and kinda got stuck there.
Some people don't have minds to reconstruct kasi.

Part of me feels the need to actually try giving the whole thing a new facelift.

For example, the right column is filled with numerous links which I don't really think people click anymore.  There was a time when loads of visitors would visit my blog to check out my fanfiction or to read the stuff I've written.  Lately, however, I've noticed that people tend to really just focus on the more recent posts, save for a few... shall we say, still strangely popular ones?

Everything happens for a reason.
I've always made the blog be a beautiful representation of me.  And in some ways, I realize now that the blog has become much more generic than it should be.  I have articles on gaming to write.  I have ideas for stories to share.  And I realize I want these things to be easily accessible as well.

Even my online comics blog, as well as my ongoing comic Diliman, haven't been getting the updates they should.

So, maybe it is time to dip my toes back into learning how to make a blog look and work the way I want.  And maybe, just maybe, this can be another push in my desire to further my self-development.   If the blog reflects me in the virtual world, then damn it the blog should look better and view the world in a positive light.

For those who didn't know.    THIS is a garapata.
While Blame it on the Rain,Bro does use a template, I had modified it enough to reflect what I wanted as far as my geeky gay side is concerned.  I guess it is time for the Garapata Can Speak blog to do the same.

So here's hoping it works out!  Cross your fingers, girls and guys!

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