Friday, January 28, 2011

001 of 365 Things I Want To Do

For this year (and yes, I am already way behind and have 27 more entries to catch up on) I've decide to make the 365 record to be posts on stuff I want to do.  They can be everything from specific stuff like trips to take, or food to try, to something more ephemeral like story concepts to write or dreams I wish I could literally make happen.    While most 365 projects are intended to be a daily thing, I'm thinking more of making this a self-project to remind myself that I have THAT MANY things to look forward to, if not aim to accomplish in my lifetime.  And I hope others too think of making their own list of 365 Things I Want To Do.

After all, until you declare you WANT it, you might never believe it can go beyond just being a dream in your head.

Now this list is NOT a list set in order of desirability.   The first on the list is not the most "wanted" thing.  Nor is it the least wanted goal.  Instead, the list is meant to be reflective of the many things that come to mind and which among them seems best to mention on that day.  The tricky part is finding images to represent them, and trying not to double up on them later on (when it gets harder to track what I've uploaded).

So here we go, my first entry:

001 of 365 Things I Want To Do

It has been long enough.
I started conceptualizing this comic back in the 1990s and was only able to launch its first online issue October of 2003.  Now, over ten years since I started on the book, I am STILL working on the darned last issue.  Astute readers can actually find fragments of my life in the book's saga, from names of people whom I loved, or hated, events which I suffered through, celebrated, or survived, and even echoes of people who were or still are dear to me in one form or another.

My partner, Rocky, has been very supportive of me finally finishing the comic (going as far as actually buying me a scanner-printer to be able to work on the final pages) and while I did set a goal last year to finish the comic, so many reasons come to mind on why that did not come to pass.

However, everything happens when they are meant to happen.  And I feel this year, 2011, is the year Diliman finally will have its final issue.  Already a 365+ page monstrosity with fourteen complete issues already available for free online, I wonder if it would ever see print?

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