Friday, January 28, 2011

002 of 365 Things I Want To Do

002 of 365 Things I Want To Do

Okay not necessarily this kind of a game (the image is from Broadway Bares however.  And the fact it is Musical + Dice is a clear sign to me it is TIME for a role-playing game musical to happen) but I definitely want to have a chance to actually run a game which feels like and will have moments that sound like a musical.

The challenge of running such a game however is greater than those expected from a typical game.  As much as role-playing games (the real pen and paper table top ones, btw, not those horrendous computer based ones that claim to be rpgs simply because they have "character sheets and stats to upgrade") are easily described as "movies or play productions without a script," I can see the need for even greater skill sets to pull this off.  The least of which would be someone who can do impromptu piano or keyboard or guitar accompaniment to add music to the game.   Maybe some day, a whole live band even!  Not to mention players who not only CAN sing, but can actually come up with nice lyrics on the fly.

But yes, image a game run as normal, but each time the players succeed in creating a "musical moment" the player's character gains bonuses in his rolls.  The bonuses can then help the character succeed in the scene, or can be banked for later use.  

If players are talented enough, they can even break into harmonies, matching and building on an initial player's song without leaving their respective scenes.  So like those montage moments or those sequences in theater where different characters are in different scene sets, but singing overall the same thematic song, players who achieve this harmonic resonance automatically gain additionally banked points that can be spent anytime during the game for bonuses.

And in many ways, the BIGGEST challenge of it all would be finding a way to properly document this game session, so I can prove to the world I've done it, and share it to everyone as something to try.

An RPG Musical.
Anyone want to audition?

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