Monday, January 10, 2011

Gonna Get my Yummy Me Back

Not everyone's type, I know.
But I know who likes me this hawt!
I am way behind on my plans to work out this year.

A few years ago, I got myself into the mindset to be healthier.  I started cutting down on my smokes and began tracking my gym habit against my drinking gimmicks.  Admittedly, I wasn't working out as much as I could have, but damn for that brief period in my life I have to admit there was a substantial and noticeable change in my figure.  While I still am far from the ideal build that wins someone a spot on a Bench billboard, I did gain some arms, slightly boosted a chest and rediscovered my long hidden six pack (a lovely set of pandesals which I had developed years ago when I was pretty much an athlete who swam in competitions.)  But yeah, that was just one month of working out and I do think I did pretty well.  I actually only hit the O bar 17 times compared to hitting the gym 15 times.

This year, I have plans to getting back into the groove.  I barely smoke now (from the daily habit to practically five sticks a week at most) and I actually eat a better diet now than before.   I told myself sometime in December that I had to start getting healthier, and this plan to do so was seconded by Mina, Rocky's sister who is also known as my Ate Two.  She shared with me her own ideas on how to get back into the working out mode and I found myself today thinking I need to push myself by tracking my development like I did back in 2008.

So here we go.  Starting with Jan 1 (and yes, I am intentionally setting myself already behind my schedule) I will track each bar gimmick to a gym session and I will aim to have the gym sessions always dominate the count at the end of the month.  While this does mean pushing myself to work out each day I can, it also may mean attending parties and choosing NOT to drink anything alcoholic (since I will count such drinks as bar sessions as well).  I know this ain't the professional or better way to do this, but this is what worked for me back then and I will make it work for me this time.  If things go as I foresee,  I should have another body worth envying by April.  I still recall how much support (and unexpected rape scenarios) I had from my friends back.  It would be nice to be able to bring that back as well.

Does this mean I have to switch to hard drinks?

Fridays will most likely now be the definitely gym day with Rocky.  Be it just at the Sietch, with me doing a lot of exercises and (eventually) free weights or at the gym downstairs which our condo has for its residents, we're gonna start with the once a week gym thing and slowly increase the number of days as time goes by.

If Jakey can do it, I can do it!
Who knows, maybe this might even lead to more "rackets" later this year!  BWahahah!

January 01-10
Gym 0 - Bar 2

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