Monday, September 03, 2012

Just another update, post break-up

This weekend lost the game it was supposed to have, but found instead a familiar solace.  Meeting old friends, enjoying simpler games, and finding myself a little bit more grounded.    While things aren't quite where I want them to be, things are definitely far much more better.

Started a new chronicle with Rocky, Mahar and Urim.  After wanting for so long to run it, I finally have started the Adventure to Aberrant to Trinity game.  The first episode was a blast with pulp heroism and crazy antics filling the night.  The second episode was a solo-romp for Urim, since neither Mahar and Rocky were neither available.  I am excited for the next game which might come to pass this coming Sunday.  Here's hoping!

As I write this, Rocky and I are spending a quiet Sunday at home watching the lastest episode of Dr. Who.  I have to admit, I absolutely miss this show.  I cannot imagine how long I was able to survive with seeing more stories of Rory, Amy and the Doctor.  Yes, this episode has wonderfully given the Dalek's an incredible new touch, and I have to admit, while I predicted the reveal about Souffle girl, I was pleasantly surprised with the Rory and Amy angle.

Doctor Who?  Indeed!

Been trying out a few gay social networks, on Rocky's behest, and admittedly, of the three I've tried, so far the one with the orange interface has proven to be most interesting.  I've made a few cool new friends and tried getting to know a few others.  So far, while most seem to be worms wriggling for a bite, it is nice to find the occasional good catch worth getting to further know.  While I have no objections with meeting more people, I definitely know that this can only help me pass the time.  Because my heart has already decided to wait.

Haven't touched the PS3 this week.  That should change soon.
Haven't stopped smoking either.  That should change soon.

The potty training of Yoshi continues, and while he still pees and poops in the wrong places, he is starting to get curious of the litter box which I hope he'll learn to start properly using.  The training drops we got haven't quite helped, but its too soon to tell I guess.   Getting tips from here:

Now we are watching Superman Versus the Elites, which should be fun.  Given the rescheduled Marvel Civil War game I was supposed to run for Rocky and Gene, this should be a cool distraction.  I've done some research reading and I'm pretty excited with the story I've come up with, but it will have to wait for now, I guess.

Work at Indigo-Entertainment continues to be awesome.  Admittedly, my brain is probably struggling to cope at times, I have to admit it is a job I've long wanted to have and am tremendously lucky to have landed.    Sometimes I still find myself wondering if I deserve my post, but James, Rocky, Prince and other friends are quick to remind me that my position as a Game Designer is quite justly deserved.  I guess while I might never completely stop second-guessing myself, I am happy to know there are people who truly believe in my talents.

Work at ABBA is a bit more of a struggle.  With another outsource no longer available, I have my worries about how we can handle the work load.  But I guess we just have to trust that things will fall into place the way my parents trust in things.

And lastly, I'm very grateful with everyone who has in one way or another shown me support in my choice.  It ain't easy, I will admit, but I know the goal I've set in my heart is worth it.  And I know in the end, we all find whom we deserve.

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