Friday, September 14, 2012

A day before Singapore

So in less than 15 hours, I will be on board a plane headed for Singapore.  I'm not quite the traveling type, to be honest, but given the circumstances behind the trip, I guess it would be foolish of me not to go for it.  Who knows, maybe the change of scene will be a good thing for me.

I know I will miss the Sietch while I am away.  It sounds stupid and unnecessarily emotional, but yeah, this place is an important sanctuary of mine.  There are few places in the world where a person can be entirely himself and for me that's what the Sietch has come to represent.  I can be as geeky, as horny, and as artistic as I want to be here without any fear of ridicule or judgment.  I'll definitely miss Rocky.  That goes without saying.  But in many ways this weekend away will give him much more freedom than the last few weeks have, and that definitely is something I cannot discount.  With his journey into singlehood still happening, I've been doing my darnest to be supportive no matter how painful some days can get.  Having a few days without me around should be healthy, at least for the goals he has in mind.  I will miss Yoshi.  The loyal stinky dog is such a godsend.   He always reminds me of my responsibilities and helps me stay focused.   While I'm not a fan of cleaning up after him, there's no denying this doggie has won my heart.

I'll be bringing my laptop and ipad with me.  As well as the gift PSP Rocky got us a few years back.  I feel tempted to try to bring a book or two, but then again, since the iPad doubles as a Kindle, I guess I got that covered.  I'm tempted to bring an extension cord, remembering the issues we had before, but the bigger need is a Universal Adaptor for the strange plugs Singapore uses.  That I might just buy instead at the airport or something.  I will definitely need to juice up my devices while there.

Yes, it is going to be another weekend without gaming.  But I guess that ain't so bad.  In exchange, I'm having fun with the family, and getting a chance as well to meet up with my "Ate Two" while there.  Mina and I once had a lovely time chatting when we first met up in Singapore and somehow there's a poetic symmetry to seeing her again given the current state of things.

Part of me still has that irrational fear that this may be my last blog entry.  Or to be more precise, the plane might crash. I know statistically flying is safer than driving and all that jazz, but the fear is there.  Maybe it has to do with having seen all seasons of Mayday/Air Crash Investigations.  Yeah, the things I load into my brain.  Ah, well if it is, at least Rocky knows I love him, and knows whom I feel deserves him if I wasn't around.  And best yet, I got him the Kreons he really wanted.  (That sounds shallow to some of you, but hey, I don't expect you all to understand.)

Here's hoping Paradigm Infinitum has some good stuff for me.
And here's hoping I get back home to the Sietch safely in time.

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  1. Wow! Singapore ulit. Ginagawa n'yo lang Quiapo ang Singapore ah hehehe. How much is the minimum budget (in PHP) when going to SG? I'm planning to visit in December :)



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