Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Cha Cha of Life

It is a murky Tuesday morning with the rains bringing floods in certain areas, and poor Head Chef PJ down with a fever.  Worked out to get the body going :-)  Now just sitting here at the living room with the radio tuned to my sister's radio show on 94.7.  Had high hopes of meeting up with a good friend last night, but I guess exhaustion took over and I was knocked out even before midnight came around.   Yesterday was a busy day, come to think of it.  My brain was on over-drive working on so many games for Indigo-Entertainment.  A dream job, indeed.  But a job nonetheless.

Got a Singapore trip to look forward to this Friday.  The family is flying to celebrate my mom's birthday and I foresee another trip to Paradigm Infinitum in hopes of finding more gaming material.  It has been quite a challenge to find new gaming stuff, ever since Comic Quest stopped carrying role-playing game books, Nova Fontana died and places like Neutral Grounds focused on CCGs and board games.   But even that shop is starting to cater more to Warhammer guys and other games, so I'm kinda worried.  The last time we were there, there was only ONE vertical shelf in the whole store devoted to gaming.  Sad.

Reminds me of that night when we had friends over and we had fun playing Gloom, Citadels and Dixit.  (I feel I look so engorged in the pic though)  But it was nice reconnecting with old friends.  Felt like it was a trip back to when things where simpler, Rocky and I were together, and our friends just cheered us on as a couple they admired.

Oh well.

Revived the PSP for gaming.  Ogre Tactics is still fun.  Patapon still infuriates me (I'm so bad at it, it is embarrassing) and the annoyance that the new games are for the Vita instead make me sad.  Sometimes, I do miss the 3DNDS which I got for Prince.  Admittedly the ARG games and Mario were fun to play too.  But I guess I should stay happy knowing he's still enjoying it.  Then there's the PS3.  Haven't touched it in a while.  When I do, however, gosh it is such a time sink.  I lose myself in Arkham City so easily.  Hours can pass without me realizing it.

Got a small nick on my pinky finger.  Yoshi got a bit too excited playing with me and his teeth scratched my finger.  I wasn't even playing with him that much.  I just had my hand hanging down my side while reading something on my laptop.  Surprisingly, I don't feel traumatized or panicked.  Given my phobia of dogs all these years, I used to think the moment Yoshi bites me all the fear would come back.  To my surprise, I'm handling it pretty well.

Hurts though. Darn you stinky cute dog.  I love you.

Been cooking again, which always feels good.  Cooked the famous Yaya Bebie Turbo Chicken which remains pretty popular.  Everyone from office mates, to guests just love the juicy flavor.  And what's most impressive is how simple it really is to prepare.   Last night, I tried naman to make Paprika Chicken with Arugula and blanced Broccoli.  That was okay.  The flavor could have been stronger.  And admittedly, the arugula was not as fresh and flavorful as I had hoped.  At least Rocky didn't complain.  (Yoshi wanted more.)

Over all, life has been better. The Grindr and Growlr-based affirmations of interest and admissions of attraction have been quite uplifting and ego-boosting.  I don't want to mislead anyone, so I make it a point to explain I'm only there to meet new faces and have fun.  Already had to break a few hearts/expectations from people who were getting all "I want to be your future" on me.  But as cruel as that may seem, being frank about how my heart has already made its choice is far more honest than making others thing they still have a chance.

The wait continues.  And at least I'm not spending it brooding the whole time.
Things could definitely be worse.    but things ARE much better.

It is a small world after all.

Cheers to new friends.

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