Tuesday, February 15, 2011

010 of 365 Things I Want To Do

010 of 365 Things I Want To Do

I know it sounds insane.  But yeah I so want to be able to do this one day.  Which is ironic since when Rocky and I went to Boracay, I freaked out while walking under water and had to go back up due to pressure changes in my ear.  Rocky on the other hand, having no swimming skills, just walked around and enjoyed the experience so much I found myself almost crying in joy in my helmet.  He really went all out, trying to kneel at one point since pictures showed kids sitting and and stuff while underwater!   I kept looking around, nervous of any wayward fish or eels or what have yous, and there he was just wonderfully enjoying the feel of the water, the hunger of the fishies and the beauty of nature.

But damn, I love to feed sharks one day.
I'd probably need Rocky to hold me hand.

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