Friday, February 18, 2011

Keeps Getting Better and Better

Some people think I exaggerate when I talk about how happy I am. 

My life has changed in so many beautiful ways ever since destiny and fate allowed me to find the one man who has made my life have so much more meaning and fulfillment.  There were rough waters on the rivers leading to today, that much should be admitted, and there were many ghosts that needed to be banished in one form or another, but ultimately, I found myself becoming a true believer in the transformative power of love and the truth behind the romantic notion of there being "the one" meant for you.  Things really do happen to remind you and guide you to the person who you are meant to be with, once you find them.  And nothing can stop what is meant to be.

This morning, Rocky woke me up with a giddiness that many would probably claim was not typical of him.  It would be claim that I would find hard to accept because Rocky has always shown a sensitive and adorkable side of him whenever he's with me.  Today seemed to be the kind of quirkiness that clearly implied two things:

The first was that  it was something he personally found exciting and dear to him.

And second, it was something that related to me as well.

"Check your Facebook!"  he mused and I struggled to get on my feet and shake the weariness away.  The day was a wonderful morning and his glee just could not be contained.  Even any notions of morning make-outs dissolved away as I realized there was definitely something he wanted me to see.    So switching on the laptop, I loaded my Facebook page, and after at first thinking it didn't work due to some Facebook quirk, I found the notification to let it happen and there you have it:

It was official.  As official as it can get in a Catholic country here in South East Asia that does not even have any formal LGBT laws yet.  I just stared at the page and tried not to look too eager, but yeah, there was no hiding the joy I felt in my heart.  We were domestic partners.  The closest thing to the last frontier which practically every major religion and government seeks to deny people like us.

For some people, this gesture was probably seen as nothing out of the ordinary.  "It was a Facebook relationship status.   What was so fancy about that?"  For others, it would seem to be pointless.  "It isn't like you're actually legally recognized as together."  But I guess as true as some of those views are in its barest unbiased opinion, it fails to consider the emotional weight that would take for two gay men in the Philippines to proudly proclaim on an internationally accessible their relationship status, not just as dating or as lovers, but as partners who share a house and shape it into a home.   It takes a certain kind of connection for someone to feel so much trust and affection to be willing to make such a declaration, and for us, this is one step in doing that.  

Rocky is my domestic partner.  He is part of me and my home.  He is who I plan to share the rest of my life with.  Thankfully, as a friend put it, it took Facebook five years to include and accept what the Catholic Church has yet to even consider viable.  I'm not holding my breath though.  Considering how the Church has responded to the RH Bill, if there is such close-mindedness on giving women and the masses access to sex education and proper medical techniques, what are the chances they would ever be more loving towards a group in society they so love to turn an unchristian eye towards.

Thank you for letting me be part of your life, Rocky.
I love you.

We deserve this.


  1. Huzzah! I'm glad you and Rocky are going strong. Keep being happy, and keep being an inspiration! ^_^*

  2. Thanks Jonette.



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