Sunday, February 13, 2011

009 of 365 Things I Want To Do

009 of 365 Things I Want To Do

Yeah admittedly I chose a very morbid example (but it is soooo cute)!
But ever since I started cooking, I have been very thankful of everyone who has been supportive of me.  I know I am no professional chef, nor do I have cooking skills of any immense proficiency, but I do want to learn and I really love seeing people enjoy my food.  I know I can't identify a ganache from a clafoutis, or understand who to make a pannacotta or a schnitzel, but I am learning.  And I have been practicing.

And so far, I haven't really served anything overly salty and made excuses about it being the cheese's fault.
So I'd like to think I'm doing good.

Let's cook!

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