Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gayest Duo Ever!

Yep, we decided to go for it!
We're the gay superhero duo of the Authority!
My partner, Rocky, and I decided to actually dress up in a costume for this Halloween.  While Rocky hasn't been quite into dressing up for Halloween, and while I have always been a big fan of Halloween for years, I sort of lost the urge to really dress for it (save for a recent attempt to look like the Silent Hill scary nurses). After what was once me holding Halloween parties year after year, I sorta lost the urge to see how far I can push my creative juices.  

This year, however, Rocky and I decided to try and go for something different.

Feeling a tad shy, but loving the costume!
Dang it, I need to work out more!
Hard Rock Cafe was holding a Halloween event called Heroes versus Villains and the geeks were all roaring to go there and have fun.  Our original plan was to have Starro inspired headgear, to suggest that the mind-controlling purple alien had taken over us.  But when we were having trouble finding a way to make the starfish work out, we both kinda decided to take a stab at actually wearing costumes.   When we were thinking about which heroes or villains to go for, it was not hard at all to choose: The Sun God, Apollo and Night's Bringer of War, Midnighter.

I love how at first they never clearly stated they were gay, but looking back,
it was very easy to see that all the clues were there from the start.
For those who aren't familiar, Apollo and Midnighter are from the Wildstorm comic, The Authority.  In many ways, Apollo captures the Superman archetype while Midnighter was greatly inspired by Batman.  But unlike other heroes inspired by DC Comic's major big two, Apollo and Midnighter stand out even more because they are the gay and are wonderfully, loyally, completely in love with each other.

And yes, in love so much that their love at one point literally saved the world.

At least, when the picture is still small, my paunch ain't as noticeable!
So yeah, we decided to go for it.  While I knew I definitely did not have the body to pull this off well, I decided (with Rocky of course helping convince me big time) where's the harm in having fun?  So I hunted down a nice white wig, a long sleeves white shirt, yellow spray paint, then white pants and belt.  Needing to get the look a bit more "Apollo-esque" I decided to cut up some sponges to pad my puny biceps and triceps.

Yep, my Rocky is making it work!
And I love how grand he looks that even the car nearby looks so tiny and insignificant.
For Rocky's outfit, we borrowed a trench coat from a friend, then bought a pair of gloves.  Two dog collars worked nicely as the straps for the coat.  Illustration board, black art paper and white paper nicely became the logo on the chest while an extend-able curtain rod was painted black to become Midnighter's fighting rod.  For the mask, we used a black plastic mask, a bonnet and a roll and a half of electric tape to create.

For his pants, we found these really hot pants that went well with his black boots.

Frankly, I can't help but feel we got his costume down to phat far better!
(Or maybe this is just me seeing how hot my partner is in what's supposed to be as a superhero wearing leather)

Spider-woman, Midnighter, Apollo, Green Lantern and Green Arrow!
The rest of our friends showed up in very cool costumes that were inspired by DC and Marvel comics.  Unlike us, they were veterans in making costumes and I only hope to someday create stuff that are just as good.  We're already tossing ideas back and forth on what other possible options we can try in the future.  Part of me still wants to go for a Pyramid Head costume, but maybe when I get my body more in shape.   We also have plans of someday dressing up as the Blues Brothers (cause I am certain I can grow the sideburns for it).  There's an evil part of me that wants to some day dress up as Astroboy!


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