Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Wheelie Day again! November 2010 na!

It is another Happy Wheelie Day!  Sadly, it starts on a sour note with Rocky having to head for work and me feeling uneasy about the fact PLDT has yet to repair their internet problem over the holiday weekend.  This of course means it will be another taxing series of days for me struggling to manage the Medical Transcription company of the family without our ftp system running, or our MTs having access to the internet.


Maybe this is all meant to maintain the delicate balance of karma.  Considering how fantastic each and every day of being part of Rocky's life is, maybe there has to be days like this so the universe doesn't break apart?  Other than all the daily gay and geeky stuff we indulge and celebrate together, there's the upcoming trip to Boracay and the next Open Gaming Meet to look forward to.  Not to mention, National Novel Writing Month has started and we both have yet to begin typing away our stories to finish our 50,000 word novel before December comes around.  I'm still toying with what to write about.  My last Nanowrimo attempt was a Zombie romp centered on the Light Rail Transit system along EDSA.  Previous ones were more on the romantic bent.  A friend even suggested I write the "Twilight Killer" but I don't quite know if I'm in the mood to tackle vampires.   I do feel a strong pull towards making something LGBT, simply because in many ways I've always been afraid to try that in the past.  (Something to do with still being in the closet back then?)

We also have two new members of the family.  Just before Halloween, Rocky and I were looking for whatever else we might need in SM Cubao when we chanced upon the bargain bin at the Toys Department.  With my partner having recently acquired a taste for stuffed toys, we began scavenging the box for any toys that deserved to be rescued and given a home.  We found two.

It took a while for us to come up with nice names for them.   Naming a toy isn't a simple matter of just choosing one - we at least it isn't for us.  The name has to sound right, fit the personality we have for them, and be easy to recall.  Take for instance our thespian kids, Duck and Tiger.  Tiger is eloquent and undeniably engaging to talk to.  He tends to have moments of elitism however, given his demand for intelligent discourse and captivating conversations.   Duck, on the other hand, speaks little words ("Quack") but to those who can interpret his words find themselves astounded by his brilliance.  They love theater and scorn what Tiger refers to, "the lower devolved forms of what could have been remarkable scions of the literary field."

Our new kids however are the furthest from the two.  Both hail from far less prestigious backgrounds.  However both sincerely believe that they are able to hide this by adapting "sosyal" sounding names and speaking out foreign words to sound rich.  Lacoste is the green Alligator, who hates it when he is called by his nickname, "Lala" while his golden best friend is Girbaud, who also hates his nick name "Gerger".  Still, we love them both and they now enjoy positions on the book shelves that the other kids have never had (more because they were made to be able to sit up!)

But yes, it is another Wheelie Day.  

I don't think I'll ever tire of remembering to celebrate Wheelie Day.  I know typically, couples start off counting the days they've been together, until they hit their first monthsarey.  Then they count the months til they hit their first anniversary.  Then finally, the anniversaries til they hit the special anniversaries (which again varies from couple to couple.)  I suspect I'll be always holding Wheelie Day important.  I don't foresee myself "counting" the number of Wheelie Days pass.  But I do see myself always remembering that on the 2nd of the month was the date when we both understood how important and powerful a love we had for one another.

Happy Wheelie Day!

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