Friday, October 29, 2010

Disappointed with my Diliman Plan

Much to my frustration, my attempts to have Diliman as a free downloadable comic on Demonoid has not worked out.  What was supposed to be my surprise announcement for this Halloween as fallen in apart as both sites for some reason have "deleted" my torrent from their respective trackers.    I have no idea why.

Demonoid lists the following as their reasons for why a torrent may be deleted:
The rules as per their site.

I do not know which of them applied to my online comic.   Let's try tackling them one by one.

1) File inside the torrent
I had this file in my torrent, so it can't be this.
2) Adult material
Considering my comic is far tamer than comics such as The Authority, the Luna Brothers' Girls, or even Alan Moore's Lost Girls, I don't think this was the reason.
3) Spam scenes
Definitely not one of these.
4) Hate material
Unless the war between the Salamangkeros and the Aswangs are considered "hate inducing", I don't see how this would apply.
5) Passworded archives
My stuff has always been free.  And required no passwords.
6) Private Trackers
I have no idea what those even are!
7) Duplicate Material
Has someone else uploaded my comics?  If so, I can't find them.
8) Trojans or Infected archives
I have a paid version of Norton.  So no viruses for certain.
9) Hacking Tools
10) Ensure Torrents Are Well Seeded
After uploading the comic and leaving my computer to seed, the deletion still happened.

I have tried to contact Demonoid to know why the deletion occurred but sadly, the forums does not work.  The chat did not load.  And attempts to email them have bounced.  I am starting to wonder if I should try a different torrent site instead.

Has anyone else out there had experience in uploading and seeding their own creations?  I would love to have Diliman reach an even bigger market if that were possible.   Sadly, for now though, all I can do is admit that my Halloween surprise for Diliman has faltered.  All I can do instead is leave you a nice shirtless picture of Chris Evans for the upcoming Captain America movie.

Happy Halloween you all.

Thank the gods his "no shirtless rule" has been broken.

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