Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So hard to choose one every month...

The Serenity game was a success.  To my surprise, the game actually had two people who never ever played a role-playing game before, and one person who wasn't even familiar with the show, and yet all three were spectacular in portraying members of the Serenity crew (Jayne, River and Mal to be precise!)  Even better, though the game started later than I had planned (6:00p.m.) I was actually able to maintain my 4 hour maximum running time and finish the game with every player having a coherent and satisfying storyline (somehow I sense the most satisfying one was Jovan's Kaylee story which had her tearing Simon's shirt off to save his life.)
Yes Jovan.  Something like this.

The upcoming November and December Open Gaming Meets should be even more fun, thanks to the article  our beloved Rej wrote for GMA 7.  It is such a sad fact that way too many people think the only fun gaming to be experienced requires an internet connection and a computer.   I do hope more people opt to join us and realize how much fun one can have even if the power is out!

Oh glorious dice.
For those interested in attending, 
the next few Open Gaming Meets are scheduled on the following dates:
2010 • November 27 • December 11
2011 • January 15 • February 19 • March 12

I have yet to decide what games to run in the succeeding ones.  There are just to many options to choose from.  While it is easy to just use the World of Darkness system and come up with anything the players want (since the system is that flexible.) I feel tempted to run more games using other game systems just to be able to get gamers to try more new things.  Not that many know of the fun Method in Madness' Children of Fire can bring.  Others might not even be aware that there was a Street Fighter rpg!  Or explore a world where Lovecraft's Mythos meets Science Fiction in Cthulhutech.  Scavenge in the wild world of Summerland.  Perform acts of heroism in D.C. Heroes.  Master the Shai Hulud in the DUNE rpg.  Or deal with the darkness as children in Little Fears.
Imagine being able to make your own fighter, and going head-to-head with Chun Li.
And by head-to-head, I don't necessarily mean combat!
On the flip side, the World of Darkness system has been more than adequate to run games based on one's favorite fandoms or movies.  Inception can easily be done with Mage: the Acension rules (especially with help from the Technocracy book).  Pirates of the Caribbean is child's play to recreate with the Sorceror's Crusade book.  Vertigo's Sandman can be achieved with Changeling the Lost.  Even Machete can be done using the infamous Dudes of Legend book.
If anything, the trick is finding a way for players to be willing to experience the game.  As I observed in the Serenity game, even long-time gamers can be greatly intimidated to try a new game if they aren't familiar with the setting.  Or system.  And this is a case that will happen more than 50% of the time with new people.  The beauty of a role-playing game is that you can even bring back franchises that are over (like Lost) and allow the fans to experience it again!  And that is one of the  selling points to new players who've never experienced a role-playing game before.
Oh poor Wash.  That's why in my game, you were cloned and brought back by Blue Sun!
Anyway, here's hoping the next one will also be a success.  Maybe even with more attendees!  

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