Friday, November 27, 2009

Jordan Clark visits the Garapata

A few days ago, Canadian filmmaker Jordan Clark came over to Sietch Creare to pay me a visit, meet Rocky, and film me talking about my webcomic, Diliman, for the DVD extras portion of his upcoming film.   It still astounds me to hear from other people that they truly enjoyed the comic and hope to see it come to a proper ending.  When I started Diliman over ten years ago, I had dreams of creating something to fill what I felt was a niche lacking in the local comic scene, horror.  Looking back at the early days of the so-called Renaissance of Pinoy comics (which I presume is intended to mean the next generation of comic creators and not a specific grouping of select comic artists), the closest to a real horror book that I recall was Payaso.  Unfortunately, I only ever saw the single issue of Payaso that was part of an Ashcan called Comics 101 released way way way back then.  Having had my experiences as a Spirit Questor, and sharing all the scary stories and folk tales I had heard as a child, I wanted to capture the excitement and fear that I went through into something people can read at night.

Diliman in may ways has been a dream project of mine.

Astute readers can even find in it portions where I talk about events from my life, names or the likeness of people who were important or memorable to me, and some opinions - be it political, religious, social or gender based - that I at times wondered if others shared with me.

I feel very very honored now to know the first three issues of the comic will become available in the DVD release of Jordan's film, The Aswang Phenomenon.  It  already brings a huge smile to my face to realize that artwork from the comic is already part of his documentary.  Having three whole issues in it for people to check out just makes me smile even further.

(Thanks for the gifts too, Jordan!  We really appreciated it.)

There was a question Jordan raised which made me think:
Did you ever consider that you have always been withholding yourself from getting out there?
From reaching a bigger potential market?


So yes, Diliman.
You must have an ending.  And I promise you, you shall.

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  1. Congrats, Tobie! You're really going places, kahit dati pa! :D Keep up the great work!



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