Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surviving Manila: Risen Threat! Chapter Seven online

Chapter Seven: Survival

Julie and Ricardo relished being back under the open sky.

The two ran, barely giving thought as they bounded each step away from the dark confines of Boni station. The claustrophobia of being inside the buried train segments was made worse by the horrors, both living and dead, that the two had encountered within. It was not the mad rantings of a nationalistic old man nor the sickening ministrations of an insane caring mother that made them run, however. It was not the toothless undead child that still hungered for human flesh and blood.

It was instead the presence of a living armed threat.

One whose cacophony of gunshots, screams, and curses filled the air behind them.

The night was the darkness of blindness. Ricardo realized as they ran that save for the fact the Guadalupe station itself was occupied and lit, he could not see any other sources of light in the vicinity. The billboards along the sides were murky shades of gray smothered by the lack of illumination. The bridge way could not even be seen and its existence perhaps even doubted had it not been for the sounds of water softly lapping against the stone.

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