Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dennis O and "the stolen shirt"

Last Saturday, feeling kind of pissed off at the sudden change of schedule and the ease certain people dropped me off their plans (would you believe, that evening, a total of six friends decided they had something better to do, and two others gave valid reasons they wouldn't be free) and add to that the huge workload I had to get through, best friend Tom and Nico informed me they were going to be at O bar and invited me to join them.

Getting there, I found Tom with Dennis as well as other people from ADB. Decided to join them as I indulged in a glass of orange juice and two red horsies. Had loads of laughs when I noticed one of them was wearing the exact same kind of shirt that Stan owned which was stolen a few nights back. Of course, it wasn't Stan's shirt mismo, but it was amusing nonetheless.

Later, graced by Grace who shared with us hilarious tales regarding Catholic Guilt, safe passionate name calling and other tiny stories to keep us entertained.

All in all, a good night, considering what I had to survive through.

(pictures by Dennis, originally from

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