Thursday, January 08, 2009

At sinong si mapapasayaw sa ulan?

Tatawa na lamang, at bakit hindi
Ang aking damdamin, pniaglalruan ng baliw at ng ulan.
At sinong si mapapasayaw sa ulan?

Woke up to a rainy morning (Gago, afternoon na! 1:30p.m. is afternoon no matter how muted the sun is) and found myself tugging my comforter closer to try to ward of the cold. Arms were hurting worse than yesterday, with relief only coming after I forcibly stretched them straight. Guess all them dumbell curls are hitting me hardest today. Last night, with the usual suspects at O bar, kinaka ko pa sumayaw and all that jazz. Today, something as simple as pulling a pair of boxer shorts on was challenge to say the least.

Missed gym yesterday. Holding on to Sonny's statement the other day that we were to meet up for gym at 6:00p.m., I waited and looked forward to having a gym buddy with me for my supposed next work. Since the gym closes at 8:00p.m. when 7:30p.m. rolled along with neither call nor text message from him, I decided to be the one to text and ask where he was. Turns out, he decided to move his gym schedule to the next morning instead (and I guess just happened to forget to tell me.) So yep, lost a guy day yesterday.

Today, I was hoping to jump back into it. But with my arms hurting as it is, I am still considering how this will turn out. It is still early (2:30p.m.) so there's no need to finalize things this soon, but I will definitely find a way to a) hit the gym and burn some more Holiday fats, b) Drive by to visit a friend, c) once again consider whether or not I'm spoiling myself with a trip to Yellow Cab or something but if I do, better hurry cause it is my Dad's birthday today.

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 4-Jan 10):
Gym - 3
Bar - 3

Scores are tied. Better lay off on the booze again and hit the gym before Sunday. At least makapag-cardio ng kaunti, tapos weights, tapos sauna. But I dunno. Got work to do first and sadly, work pays the bills and allows one to have fun.

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