Wednesday, January 07, 2009 - Taurus 2009 Year Forecast

Though I'm not really a believer, am posting this just to reference it and see if any come to pass this year as foretold.  Bwahahaha!  Thanks to Kristine for inspiring this post.


Taurus Horoscope 2009
Key Issues.

  • Major changes in your job, career or profession will occur this year.  Some will be dramatic.  Change is coming in career opportunities, professional recognition, and professional advancement opportunities.  Whether these cycles are positive and expanding or negative and confining will depend on your personal astrology chart.
    my comment:  Sounds general enough.  Hmm...

  • Career and work opportunities are prevalent all year because Jupiter is in your 10th house of Career.  Watch for the time when Jupiter is retrograde as it is not the best time to make major career or professional moves.  You will see some professional issues triggered in January.   If the eclipse hits your personal planets, it will be a radical change.  Be realistic and opportunistic.  Seize the day and the chance.  It will be 12 years before these opportunities come again.  my comment:  Okay this is more interesting, considering it currently is January.  Pero, sobrang vague naman.  Professional issues... sus me, ano bang trabaho walang professional issues on a weekly basis?  Sa iba nga, daily pa!

  • In areas of personal relationships and romance you may see a fun and playfulness you've not had in recent years, especially with children, new recreational interests and skills, new outlets of pent up creativity and innovation.  You may learn a new artistic skill or craft that is quite unusual. my comment:  Okay this CAUGHT me off guard.  Last Christmas, I spent some time with Eman and his kids, one of which is my inaanak.  Grabe, sobrang happy ako.  Sobrang na wish ko magkaroon ng sarili kong anak.  Does this mean this is the year?  Nyeh!!! 
    New artisitc skill or craft?  Does... learning to dress better count?

  • Health issues and day to day discipline will be highlighted again this year.  Late this year Saturn enters the sixth house of daily work, and with the restrictions and confinement Saturn often brings, you may begin two and a half years of routine, repetitious, hard work that comes without recognition.  If you feel challenged it will be Saturn and its rules, regulations, and restrictions that influence the outcome depending upon your birth chart.  my comment:  Hmmm the first part seems to hint at my currently present gym desires.   The second part freaked me out.  Working in the family business has pretty much hit this very mark in terms of time.  Whoa....

  • You will be continuing the change and redefining of your roles and activities with friends and groups.  Friends and associates in groups may bring you a future beneficial connection that gives you opportunities to widen your network of close relationships.  my comment:  Parang eto ata ang G4_ (Thank you Tom) at Down____ (Thank you Stan!)

  • Transformation and major change from the past to the future.  It is a slow and steady progress, step by step to the future.  You will feel able to adapt to change.  It will be better to allow events to unfold on their own rather than to force change, forward movement.  The future will unfold in its own time.  Don't push it.  my comment:  Sounds like the gym thing again.  Work it!  Work it!!!

  • Education, advanced courses, and learning new things will be part of your life this year.  Dramatically more so if your Jupiter is highly aspected in your chart.  You may also see and expanded world view, especially in the area of your spiritual beliefs.  You may see more global travel or foreign global market business activities increase this year.  my comment:  Hmm...  Very hmmm...


  1. Are you a Taurus too?

    FUN and PLAYFULNESS? I'd like some of that.

  2. Yep, stubborn bull I be.
    Hot in bed, that's me.


  3. Amen!

    Masarap ang may sungay!



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