Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh Look! Another Entry!

For the past thirty years (plus one come Friday) I have been afflicted with a strange series of unfortunate events on the week of my birthday. This week, it seems, hopes to best my worst week so far.

For those who've been reading my blog, you're all aware of what stuff has been bogging me down lately. Guess what, tonight was a little bit more of the same.

A great friend of mine, Alvin, is in town for two weeks. He's based in San Francisco and back when I'd be in Los Angeles, he'd travel all the way to hang out with me. We were buddies back in De La Salle University and its nice to see we're still friends after all these years. To give him a little something different, Tom and I opted to bring him to Malate to hang out with other friends and catch a few lip-synch song acts (and if you are wondering what I mean, Priscilla Queen of the Desert should be a good clue) in hopes of catching him off-guard. Turns out, Alvin's the same old Alvin who "rides with the flow no matter what."

So there we were, enjoying our beers, dancing with a bunch of friends (and yes, I'd love to share the night with pictures... but well, as you know...)

Anyway, tonight's list of maladies:
1) Was 1 foot away from two friends who accidentally smashed a beer bottle.
2) Had another full bottle of San Mig Strong Ice knocked onto my lap, soaking me down to my boxers in the EARLY part of the gimmick.
3) My second beer bottle had a broken lip. It was accidentally caused by a friend who jokingly tapped it to make it overflow. He hit it too hard and broke the lip. So had to ditch it lest I risk drinking glass shards. I had barely started drinking from it.
4) On a food run at McDonalds after, another friend tipped over his Hot Chocolate. Yep, same leg. So what was once cold and beery became hot and chocolatey.

Panalo, diba?

To save the night, was able to chat with my Panda Bear. Yay!

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