Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Panda Bear Isha!

All the way in the other side of the planet, it doesn't hit the 24th of April til a few more hours from the time I post this, but since April 24th does hit Manila in less than an hour, I am taking this opportunity to post a Happy Birthday message to my Panda Bear Isha.

While I won't reveal your age in this post (search old posts for that instead), I will reveal here that I remain steadfastly and absolutely in love with you. I remain the garapata moose whose body parts you have christened so many other pet names. I remain your Kuya Bodjie, your Dog Phobic sweetie, your boyband reject, your baliw, your number one fan na torete sa iyo, your sleeping buddy, your lunchmate, your wall climbing partner, your source of courage when scaling heights, your anti-sponge bob square pants, your private dancer, your kingdom hearts bad influence, your gaming guru, your bag of nips, your white cheese pizza addict, your food co-explorer, your tree climbing twin and most of all, your friend, your critic, your support system, your listening ear, your sounding board, your stress ball and your boyfriend.

Here's to more years to come love.
(Cause that means I get more years to keep you happy!)


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