Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My stupidity hath not ended

Dropped the Pentax digital camera my Pand Bear Isha got for me last night. It hit the ground, bounced off, flew around two feet, then hit the ground again.

After the series of mood swings and bad days and nights, you'd think by now things would let up.

But nope, the camera fell, showed minimal damage on the outside, save for the fact the lens system remained extended. Normally, it folds into itself automatically when you turn the camera off.

Now, its stuck.

I switched it on, and it made some pathetic sounds, three beeps, then shut off. With the lens system still out. So I tried to fiddle around, look for any loose parts, or what not. Only discovered when I looked head on at the lens that it was no longer aligned with the whole thing. So looks like this will cost. Much.

Contacted the Pentax Digital service center via Sanly Corporation. Sanly claims they only handle non-digital, so they gave me the number that does handle digital. Its based in Binondo, and they claim "we only accept local warranties."

So fuck me. I just did another act of stupidity that's sure to cost me more cash.

Advanced Happy Birthday to me.

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