Monday, April 21, 2008


MUST REALLY FIND MYSELF A SAMSUNG CELLPHONE CAR CHARGER. After yesterday's stupidity fiasco, with me accidentally leaving my cellphone charger at Fandom Cafe, and opting to get some rest instead at a friend's house rather than risk driving and falling asleep as I did before, it turns out I would end up still doing another act of stupidity with that being me falling asleep till 4:00p.m., with my cellphone dying out, and with my parents and my Panda Bear worrying over me being unreachable and missing for half the day.

We were shooting an episode of Fandom Live! when I noticed my cellphone was on the verge of shutting down. So not wanting to make others worry if they try to reach me (yes, the irony) and wanting to be certain I had a means to contact people in case of an emergency, I grabbed my cellphone charger in the car and let the phone gather back some juice.

Unfortunately, when the show ended and I rushed off to meet up with some friends for a round of beer. In my haste, I forget to get the charger from the outlet and well...

My parents tried to reach me at around 9:00a.m. only to have my phone ring twice, then.. die. The battery probably gave up at that point. Only, my parents didn't think that and instead tried calling again.

And again.

And again.

And not reaching me, began to imagine all sorts of stories involving terrorists, kidnappings, cellphone snatching, hospitals, missing kidneys, and the like. (somehow, I hoped there was a magical creature or two or a U.F.O. in that list)

Still not being able to reach me, they then proceeded to try the numbers of friends of mine which they knew. Seth: no answer. Awie: no answer. And even tasked my sister to try helping out (I can only wonder if there was a radio shout out for me...)

Isha, my Panda Bear, got worried too as she tried to find ways to reach me. But alas, like my parents, no answer.

And me, stupid me, was still asleep through all this, and eventually woke up at around 5:00p.m., pondered and procrastinated about getting my charger "all the way in Cubao" and finally, realized in a stroke of rush hour traffic speed genius that I could simply borrow a friend's cellphone, switch his SIM card with mine, and make a few calls.

Yes. Tobie has lost the equivalent of 10 points of Intelligence (d20 rules), 4 dots of Intelligence (WOD rules), and practically anything else that has a semblance to common sense and intellect which isn't exactly common.

Oh well.

My sincere apologies to all who worried and were affected by this.
I blame my stupidity.

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