Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gym Update: The paaaaaaain! The PAIN!

So far, I've hit the gym at least once every two days. At times, when the pain is too much, once every three. Still finding myself entering a strange S&M mindset when I feel the burning sensation of limbs that just won't stretch like they used to. And yes, I do mucho stretching before the workout now! I guess I'm just hitting the right spots and still not used to being in pain.

But yeah, its a good pain.

Scary to admit it, but I like feeling it. It tells me I'm getting slowly more fit. Or at least, less fat. Hehhe. Actually, the belly has not subsided at all. Although I can feel each individual ab struggling to kill the fat suffocating it. Cruch. Crunch. Crunch. Gotta keep them crunching.

A guy named Ryan entered the gym today with the exact physique I wanted. Asked Don, the trainer, if that was actually something possible for me and if so, how long. "Isang taon lang yan," he mused. "Dating 220 pounds yan. Talagang tinutukan. Kaya mo rin yan kung tutukan mo rin. Wala na munang mga gimmick gimmick! May inom pa yan sa lagay na yan."

I looked at Ryan and saw myself a few more months, years, maybe half a decade in the future.

There is hope.

For now, however, I shall be content with the pain.

BSG is back today... which means in another day, it should be viewable here in Manila thanks to unspecified means. Whee!

I can't wait!

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