Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Got myself a haircut...

Visited In Centro in BF Homes some days ago for a trim and decided to get a haircut that wasn't my usual type but can be toned down to my usual type. What I ended up was a trim that could be brushed into a semi-mohawk, but can be combed down to my usual toned down preference.

My plans to eventually go semi-kal again are on the hold until I find myself a good electric clipper to own. My hair has a very strange tendency to grow back real fast, and based on my last experience with really short hair, be very uncooperative in keeping a short cropped style for long. If anyone out there has suggestions/recommendations where I can buy one, do tell.

Haven't been able to hang with the Fandom Cafe crowd much as of the late, and missed two major NWA-related parties already within the last few months. Work has just been rearing its demanding head and I've been doing my part in actually handling transcription work itself to help my people out.

But I guess I shouldn't complain. Work means money and money is good, I guess. We work to pay for our weekends, so to speak. Miss the late night FIC getaways. Or the wee hour Fandom Cafe hang outs. Heck, even the Guitar Hero nights.

Til then, I guess, I got my new do.

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