Thursday, April 10, 2008

GYM UPDATE: Or rather... really bad late update


Turned down 2 hang out sessions today with the NWA peeps. Haven't hit the gym well for almost a week too, darn it. And worst yet, haven't gone to the spa at all.

My Panda Bear, Isha, was worried that I'd lose my tummy, which she endearingly calls Gerald. (Yep, Gerald is my tummy. Which makes it odd when we meet people with the same name, like Gerald of Komikero hehehe). I told her its doubtful at the rate I'm working out. Not to mention, I'm really more after getting some chest and arms better than losing the tummy. Somehow, I feel the battle against the bulge will be futile, considering my father side's genes. And no, I didn't mean THAT bulge.

It isn't lack of Motivation. Hell, I'm dying to have a body worthy of walking around in beach shorts all summer. I'd love to have guns that are at least of greater girth than my neck, darn it.

It isn't lack of Time either. Cause there have been some days I've been waking up near noon, which is bad. I really should wake up earlier so I can hit Vigor before lunch and get some muscles ripping.

I guess its just me sticking to a darn schedule. Assuming I could control it, that is. One of the prices of a family business is having your parents as your bosses. And with that comes them setting up schedules for meetings and whatnots that you can't quite really control. Been having some impromptu and emergency meetings over the last few days, as well as some meetings seeing new clients and possible outsources that its taken what should have been work out time for me.

So anyway, just saying that's whats been going on my end of the world. Time to finish my banana and head for the gym while I can escape for an hour or two. After that, its back to the grind and hopefully have time to grab a beer with some friends tonight.

Or not.

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