Tuesday, April 01, 2008

2nd Week: Gym Buddies

It is week two of my hopes of actually getting healthier and this day I woke up at 6:00am, which really is unnatural and auspicious for me. Two old college buddies who live nearby (Tom and Brian) have decided to hit the gym as well and are joining me in a few minutes to pretend we're actually going to cause ladies to swoon come summer (which actually IS already here).

Oh well, at least we tried.

Last week, the pains kept me from partying (and straightening my arms fully) for a few days. Here's hoping this week, with the tips I've been getting from other friends like Zeki and Jan, both of whom sport bodies that could land them roles in a Justice League movie had they wanted to, I'm more excited this week to accomplish more and hope the "maga" that I get after actually slowly begins to become the norm.

Though my Panda Bear claims I'm "too thin and swollen," it doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to get back that six-pack I used to have back in high school, and hopefully win some better guns in the process. I've been a poster boy for the hungry folk of the world back in college and that worked well back when I was still relishing in goth and emo idiosyncrasies. Now, however, I really want to bulk up a bit.

Para naman I can slowly cultivate a daddy look, diba?

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