Thursday, March 27, 2008

Working Out Can Be Cruel

If only the "tightened body due to intense aches and pains" actually lasted more than a few hours....

Hit the gym again today and oh my Lord, the pain is just incredibly humbling. The throbbing pain from the crunches and other things from the other day haven't faded. And now I have to add the pain from the arms and chest exercises done today.

And the torture...
How one's body suddenly looks so much better than just a few hours ago. And how that "nice body" look just betrays you and disappears to return to your fattening slob! Waaah... I can see why the lure of "liposuction" and other "supposedly instant body shaping devices/options" can be great.

Hayayay... but this must be done.
For health.
For the heart.
For the tummy.
And to make sure I have a better fighting chance against all them caucasians, irish boys and foreign men in Vancouver who might steal my Panda Bear away from me.

Virtual spots and coaching is always welcome!

(Time to dive into my steaming bowl of tuna chunks! Talk to you all later!)

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