Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Started going to the gym again today in an attempt to get back some of the tone I used to have. There was a time when I actually had a six-pack... sniff... sniff... now all I got is this keg.

But hey, I guess there's no bad reason to hit the gym. So, even if I'm sooooper delayed in doing so (medyo, sana I did this last November para laglag panty na ako by April) I kinda told myself, "go for it!"

Just got back and damn, my body is aching big time. Spent 20 minutes on the treadmill and my ankles were screaming. Even worse, wala pang 150 calories na burn ko.. so medyo ang San Mig Light... hindi ko pa na kokontra. Crunches... oh Lord, now I cannot fathom how I used to do 200 in a day. I barely survived 80 today.

Here's hoping the succeeding weeks help me gain more girth, stamina and muscle growth (why do I have a feeling this will be misread intentionally by some friends!)

This is all for me and my Panda Bear. Me to be healthier. And for my Panda Bear Isha to have a bigger challenge fattening me up again once I see her again.

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