Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gimik Update: Drinking and Dancing at Malate

With some work nights ending at around midnight or 1a.m. the need to unwind hits pretty hard. Been hanging out with some new found friends at Malate a few times at the wee hours, enjoying my (max limit) three beers before taking the quiet ride back home to Paranaque.

Met a lot of these people through Jeff and Tom, both of whom frequent the area a lot. With the 3 beers for 100 Php, its pretty easy on the pocket. Add really good dance beats ( such as Get Far's Shining Star and Hed Kandi's Rythme Fatal featuring Redd-Angel - Man In The Mirror Club Mix) and you got a fun party waiting to break out and destress too. Really makes me wish I could bring my Panda Bear Isha here to get her to groove to some tunes (although I know she doesn't like dancing and prefers to go wild at bands playing instead.)

Add to that the fun that I've been learning some basic sign language thanks to Jeff (green stripes) who interestingly is deaf yet LOVES to dance big time. Part of me was tempted to develop that into a comic/story, but maybe I should shelve it for now just out of respect.

On occasion, I still hit the gym. The pain is there, so I guess I am doing it right. Haven't noticed any significant growth that actually stayed on me yet, but there again, its barely a month so far so I guess I shouldn't be too impatient.

Started watching Pushing Daisies too, as per Jovan's recommendation. The show is beautiful. Heart candy and mush and witty and just... ah, it reminds me of the fun I had when Ally McBeal first came out, but with the magical impact of Big Fish.

Battlestar Galactica has started its final season and I will say it again, it really has learned to make the smallest details matter! I can't wait to see how they really plan to have the show end. My guess? The President is the final Cylon, and Earth is actually already inhabited by Cylons and Humans who are living together. Somehow, I sense Baltar will survive and watch the dying Admiral Adama tell him, "Make this right. It is all up to you know." And Six finally admitting to him she isn't a Cylon projection or madness, but a true voice from the One God.

Still waiting for Lost. Its taking so long.
And saving the best update for last and definitely not the least, me and my Panda Bear Isha finally hit 26 months this fifteenth of April. My golly. That's like the same number in years she is turning very soon. Happy monthsarey, Panda Bear! Missing you so much!

The summers are getting warmer here, and I heard its been getting colder over there in Vancouver. Here's to us making climates meet and dissolving the distance between us.

I love you, Isha!

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