Thursday, April 17, 2008


The Open Gaming Meet for this month is coming up this 19th of April. Sadly, a lot of other activities of friends, as well as other organizations were scheduled to transpire also on the said date.

And as expected, most would rather hang out with friends than join strangers and try new games.

Nothing against them, of course. It was quite expected and normal. After all, the bonds of friendship are far more vital and cohesive than the links of acquaintances and fun gaming.

It does however make me a bit sad.

Since last month, I've been prepping for a roleplaying game based on one of my favorite sci-fi shows, Battlestar Galactica. Through Mark Humphries of, I was able to get access to a copy of the BSG roleplaying game book published by Margaret Weis and have been making preparations for another demo roleplaying game for new time players, as well as fans of the show to try.

In the previous month when the game was supposed to be run, I decided to delay running the game to the next month in order to accomodate more fans of the show to play the key roles of Gaius Baltar, Admiral Adama, Lee Adama, Starbuck, Helo, and even Sharon. And late May, I was very excited to know most of the main roles were already "filled."

Now, however, it seems I'll be forced to run the game with most likely only two fans of the show (that being Me and Mark Humphries himself) since most of the gang will be celebrating birthdays and attending other events.

Sigh. I feel sad.

But that's really because I'm such a nut for roleplaying games. And I really thought this would be both a chance for my friends to try one, and even more, a chance for them to "play the roles of characters they love in the show" in a way more than just cosplaying as them.

Til next month, I guess.

There's always room for a Lost or Cloverfield or heck maybe even a The Office-inspired game.

(on a LOST-related note, been playing LOST: Via Domus, and I have to say, while I love how they really tried to capture the feel of the show both in score and in flow of plot, I really really really hate how the game feels so rushed. And the voice acting is horrible beyond belief. Some are close... but as the dialogue continues to flow, it just gets worse and worse. And nothing was more horrible than Charlie's first ever line.... "Moooooooounstaaahr". Anyway, if you get a chance to play it, just try to enjoy how it feels actually like a better way to insert a new character than the fiasco of Nikki and Paolo.)

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