Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Would anyone believe it? My computer actually died on me a SECOND TIME. While in the process of reinstalling everything from Windows to Office to Adobe to DOTA, the computer suddenly regurgitated that I was missing a particular .dll file and before you know it, "Cannot run Windows. Please reinstall missing file."

So there, had to go over the whole thing again. Reformatted the drives, and reinstalled Windows again. The selection of drives changes AGAIN, which now has c: as my utlities folder, d: as my root and system while e: serves as my workplace and file storage. Weird man. Very weird.

But I guess I shouldn't complain. Now, I have the perfect opportunity to organize some stuff as well as the happy knowledge that I Have backed up a HUGE portion of th stuff I have accumulated, worked on, collected and received over the years.

So many things have been working out in my life lately, I've barely had the time to grab my camera and take pictures of it! Isha and I are still going strong, nearing our tenth month together in a few days. With her work at ABS 5 Sports and my work in the family transcription business, we try to make sure we get some private time when we can. Among the many indulgences we have (four cheese pizza, amici, ice cream, oysters) we've found a new one to make more frequent: massages and spa. Just getting pampered and having someone knead away all the stress really makes the night end so well.

Another aspect of my life which has been working out is me literally now working out in the gym. After months of wanting to get back into shape (gawd, I used to have abdominals... all six of them! And I used to have nicely chiseled arms somewhat) I am finally doing so. I enrolled at this gym in BF and pretty much try to make time to go there every other day.

Finally, met up with a director again.
Have to find some free time during saturdays to pay him a visit! Here's to having a full length feature! I really hope this pushes through!

And the student film I acted in, Siyudad, which was a thesis project by two Lasallians, is done and they got a very good score for it! So sad I missed the actual screening. I can't wait to get my own copy of the film.


  1. Yay panood ng film ^_^

  2. I will double check, but to my knowledge, it will soon be online at!


  3. and i love you so much, baby. sana fifty years at least tayo. Or ten lifetimes.

  4. Hwek hwek, wag naman muna Ish. Let's enjoy our time going through each year!



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