Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some updates on the garapata:


Didn't make it. Failed to finish the 50,000 word cut-off required from Nanowrimo. But damn, I am going to finish this novel! I love how the story is forming! And it does set the groundwork for my next online comic.

By the way, my computer recently crashed. Stupid net hiccup. Just backed-up all I could backup and now in the slow process of reinstalling everything. Sadly, some (like DOTA and Hamachi) are more frustrating than others. Thankfully, I have friends like Seth and Awie and Eman to help me out.

I still relish ice cream and chocolates, but in the aim to be owners of better arms, a bigger chest and perhaps a stomach to drip ice cream on (uh, no, don't ask why I have all these imagery in mind) I have been going to the gym. So far, I am a pathetic softie, but I think I am slowly getting better and stronger. I doubt I will hit the physique of people like Zeki or Dave anytime soon, heck, I don't think I'd even come close to what I dream to have soon enough, but hey, I feel healthier working out so there!

Attended the HIV MTV Summit last Monday with my sweetie and was asked to leave my leather belt behind. Some sort of stupid security thing which they SHOULD HAVE POSTED in the tickets and posters. I just knew it was the last I would see of my belt. It was, sadly, a gift from my Mom. And a branded belt at that.

More frustratingly, the security guys there who collected the belts threw them all on the ground and told us, "Hanapin ninyo na lang diyan! Basta, maghanap kayo!" like we were some animals. When I complained to him that they should help us. Or at least should have formulated a means to easily look at each belt, the bastard replied, "Eh tanga ka naman pala, hindi ko naman sinturon yan eh. Hanapin mo ang sinturon mo!"

God knows I was tempted to use the belts nearby to strange him. And I should have.

Kung hindi lang Pasko...

Also working on some unexpected projects. For one, I am handling a anti-lice product flier which is strange considering my net nickname. This is so much like asking a Jew to come up with cool pro-Nazi slogans.

Still on the script. Typing typing typing.

Might work on some websites too. But that all depends on the contact. I want to work on the full length feature film! I hope it does push through soon enough.

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  1. I complained to the management na. It was really really badly done of them. Grr. Sorry talaga baby, it's been a horrid 2 weeks for you. :( Mwah. Can't wait to see you.



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