Sunday, August 27, 2006

Going through day two at Cebu with Isha, my girlfriend, and so far my feet hurt, my tummy is full and my camera has been clicking like mad. Should have the pictures up once i get home, unless I go crazy and bring my cam here to download the images.

We met up at NAIA for the flight two days ago. Before Isha arrived, I noticed and said hello to one of the big bosses from ABS-CBN, Sir Raul, whom I used to go to the gym with. He asked me if I was flying to Cebu for work to which I replied, "No po. Headed to Cebu for a vacation." Sir Raul then asked, "Not for Pinoy Dream Academy?" Turns out, they were launching the show in Cebu as a thank you for the major support people from Cebu have consistently showed ABS-CBN.

From a flight via Philippine Air Lines two days ago, Business Class and a visit the Mabuhay Lounge before the flight itself, Isha and made our way to Cebu. Thank God for a simple and uneventful flight. We arrived at Mactan pretty excited to see the sights in store for us (Isha to see how much as changed, and me just to see everything!)

At Mactan Airport, we had to wait for Isha's brother (who had to take Cebu Pacific and had a flight thirty minutes later than ours), and ended up bumping into Sir Raul again. The very kind man offered us a ride to Ayala.

At Ayala, we made our way to East West to grab some late lunch only for me to discover a second group of ABS-CBN people I am bumping into... Sir Jeff and Sir Micky, two of the top honchos of ABS-CBN Global Ltd. After saying hello and correcting the mistaken assumption that I was ALREADY in America, I rejoined Isha and Rob and finished out meal. From there, it was a quick trip to a supermarket to grab supplies then a visit to Isha's aunt for them to settle in and leave their stuff. From there, it was the LONG journey to find an affordable pension house for me to use.

In the end, I settled with the Verbena, a clean and simple place costing me a good Php430 per day on rent for an airconditioned room. No hot water, nor Cable or tub, the place was still secure and nicely comfortable to be at.

Day two was a blast, with Isha and I first attending mass at the Redemptorist Church, then a delicious lunch at Sideline (where I got a first taste of Lechon Manok Bisaya), we then made a good visit to Isha's grandmother, Lola Naning, who entertained us with a lot of funny tales and anecdotes about her kids (and Isha's parents.) Thankfully, it seems she does like me.

We then did the tourist thing, visiting two churches and a military installation, then a quick visit to the site where Magellan planted the first Cross, then finally shopping for the pasalubongs others are sure to be hoping to get.

Then, we had dinner with her Tito and Tita and enjoyed a few rounds playing Billards!

Hay, so much in two days. :-) And seven more wonderful days to go!
Catch you later with actual pictures people!

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