Saturday, September 02, 2006

Since the net cafes (like most Net cafe's in general) don't seem to have Adobe Photoshop in their offer of software, I decided to try using Paint! (egad) to at least share some pictures of our trip here in Cebu so far.

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On the Plane - thanks to my Dad and his friend, we got two-way Business Class tickets for only Php1,800 each! Talk about sweet savings for a memorable trip!

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A Visit to the Taoist Temple - Part of doing the Tourist thing, visited the Taoist temple and checked out the sights. Clambered up 100 steps to reach the temple which positively throbbed with energy. Neither my Panda Bear nor I could find it in outselves to step inside and try the "wishing" thing, cause deep down we could sense there was real power here.

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Church Visiting - Visited three Churches in a single day, and with three wishes in my heart, I dedicated one to Jam-Tolites, one to the family and one to everyone who is important to me.

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Magellan's Cross - Strangely over-looked by so many tourists and visitors, I found myself simply enthralled at the fact that the real cross was encased in this wooden cross on display; An ancient relic from a time before Catholicism became a common faith in the land.

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Tambuli! - With Isha and her brother Rob, we checked out the (lumot) beaches of Tambuli East and West and had fun nontheless in the sun and the sand. Isha stayed with her friend Majo at Shang, however, when the sun dipped low.

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Nyaks, pogi! - Hmm... Guess I lost *some* weight while here.

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Bo's Coffee for a night cap! - Isn't my Panda Bear Isha just adorably beautiful. I love her so much!

Missing you all but having too much fun here to really want to go home yet! Heheheh! Sadly, I got work to return home to (September 11 - 15 is my last week of work) but I can't wait to contact Ma-an and tell her I finally finished writing her story. The script needs a bit more tweaking but I feel I captured the story I wanted. Just have to finish mine too in order to make the cut-offs for all Cinemalaya submissions!

Anyway, catch you guys soon enough!


  1. Aba, at macho ka ata ngayon. Ha ha ha! :D

    Try the seafoods while you're there. Yum! :9

  2. Yep.


    I love oysters!

  3. I love you so much, baby.

    And i love your tummy! drool.

  4. Tummy?
    That ain't no Tummy.


    I love you too Panda Bear!



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