Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Barely a week into Terminal Leave (its not even being effectively resigned from ABS-CBN Global!) and I already miss certain people. There's my sister-in-law Ate Ives, and her and my brother's kids Sophia and Jam-Tolites. Been a few years since I have seen them and I really really hope they still remember what I look like! Actually got a computer cam in order to keep in touch with them. Finally got the mike working thanks to my old college friend Adrian Awyoung.
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Then, there are my officemates. One would have thought finding true friends would be hard in a work place. Instead, here I found really great friends whom I shall always cherish and remember with joy to have as part of my life. Joey, Marianne, Jen, Ramil and Hoho remain steadfast friends I will hold in a special place in my heart. Others, like Ma-an and Jke have paved their way as freelancers, taking roads I soon will be taking myself.
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And always, there's my Panda Bear Isha whom I will always want to spend more time with, if it were possible.

With so many special people in my life, I shall never consider myself short on the many blessings the Lord has given me.


  1. Yeah I heard you're leaving ABS CBN from Isha. I'm glad we got to spend time together with Ner while I was still there hahaha! ;D

  2. I wi=ould like to say have a nice weekend ...

  3. Heya Jac!!!!
    We can always still find time to hang and stuff!!!!! Miss you a lot too!!

    Heya DOctor,
    I absolutely did! Check out my newer posts!



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