Saturday, October 29, 2005

Went out with my Panda last night
We went out with John boy and later Awie. Watched the Legend of Zorro which was kind of like Mister and Missus Smith in Spainish California. Had a lot of laughs even if I was in a tizzy mood. Wasn't too happy in some points. Hated games. But still, was very happy to be with my Panda bear and was just in a quiet happy place when I was holding her close.

I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be that fun an evening love. Bad day I guess with lots of negative synchonicity. Gah. They happen.

Going to miss her even more. Long weekend. Bah.. simply means more days I won't see her. Wish her sem-break ends soon. It was so much easier to catch her when she was merely the dorm a distance away. Now, its like the moon and back and though the spirit is willing, the wallet is weak.

I love you, Panda bear Isha.
With all my heart and garapataness.

24-hour Comic done!
Wasn't able to go to Puerto Galera with the others but decided to join them in spirit and do my own 24-hour comic with touches of Kali and Filipino martial arts in it. Just finished it! Whew... my tale of two siblings, their missing father and the concepts that I found myself thinking while thinking about Pinoy martial arts bore this weird baby which touches on weapons, zombie ninjas, the hindu gods kali and yama and more!

Will post it online soon unless Jonas or Elbert decides it should be released in another format first. Yahoo!!!!


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  2. off topic lang po. changed my url to please change yous Slinging INk link. Thanks!

  3. mama am so proud of you!!!! hugs.



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