Saturday, October 22, 2005

Panda bear Isha and I were at Starbucks some nights ago when Isha decided to have some fun with the camera. We opted not to use the flash, which turned out to sadly be a huge mistake. Pardon the under-exposed look of most of the pictures!

That night, the Starbucks we visited was actually out of Eclairs (much to my Panda bear's disappointment) but I wasn't willing to just accept it at that. Talking to the staff, I lamented on how we were really looking for an eclair while tossing some happy Buddhas into the air. It worked! A delivery guy arrived that moment with the pastries for the next day, and the boss allowed her staff to sell us the yummy confection!

Yeeha! It pays to be determined... as well as a Salamangkero.

*Had to break pic to two parts since photobucket kept shrinking it.
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