Monday, October 24, 2005

Attended the recent KOMIKON 2005 with my Panda bear Isha. For a convention focused on comics, it was such a treat to see such a strong presence and large group of people there. Made me sad that I didn't prep anything of either Diliman, Nearly Forgotten or what have you to give away. Still, had loads of fun that day. Met and said hello to Elbert and Camy, Jac, Jonas, Jerald (patay! J pala! G ang sa pics!), Gerry Alanguilan and a bunch of other Komikeros, David Hontiveros, Carlo Vergara, Arnold and Cynthia Arre, Ner, Ben, Oliver, and a host of other people. Too bad John Boy, Ryan and Ebil Ay couldn't make it. Bumped into Erwin and Tina later in the day, which was really cool considering last I saw Erwin was nearly early this year pa!

Will be posting reviews of the indie comics we got that day. I didn't get much since I have to admit the more manga-inspired ones weren't really to my liking. Got Craving, a novellette by David Hontiveros (With a Carlo Vergara Cover), Blood Brothers by Gerry Alanguilan and Leinil Francis Yu, Jac Strips Again with more hijinxs by Jac Ting Lim, The Blurb! Gone Indie by Jonas Diego, Camy and Me by Elbert, Eiya and Luci by Anonymous?, Break Out Comics by Subway Productions, and finally 1 and 2 by Komikera. I also got my Panda Bear a copy of the incredible Mythology Class, but I don't think that would need any form of review from me, heh heh.

I wanted to also get the new stuff by Budjette and Ka-jo Baldesimo called Trese and another copy of Mythology Class for myself but I didn't have the funds for it. Maybe some other time.

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DC HEROES: Runaways
Afterwards, we met up with Erwin and Tina at Katipunan. Erwin decided to join my game that evening, so after dropping off my Panda bear home (sniff sniff) we made our way back to Paranaque to play DC Heroes!

Recreating the fun and hysteria of Runaways using the DC Heroes system, the gang went wild when I revealed the game plot was leading up to the events of the O.M.A.C. project and the Infinite Crisis storyline currently being done by D.C. Comics! HAhahaha! Can't wait to see how they'd react to what happens next.


  1. Tobie! Ganda ganda pics! :-) Great to have seen you again, bro. HUGZZ

  2. aargh. i know, i know... i wanted to gooooo...

    how much were they selling mythology class? too bad you didnt get looked kick-ass in your link.

  3. Sherman, Really missed you!!! It was so fun! Too bad you arrived late.

    Evil Eye, I know I know. Myth class was a flat Php500. Trese does look pretty neat!

  4. 500?!?! its 700 at CQ!!! aaawww, you shouldve gotten me a copy... waaah!!! when's the next one?



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