Thursday, October 20, 2005

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I finally got myself a copy of the Mirrormask OST. With 30 songs (including the really disturbingly beautiful rendition of Close to You as shown in the exclusive trailer) Lain Ballamy, composes an interestingly thought-provoking collection of tunes, 80s inspired soundscapes and intriguing harmonic combinations that sound wrong yet when you listen to them, sing right. Jazz mixes with electronic tunes, starnge weird sounds and vocals into something beautifully frightening.
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Currently, my personal favorites include Close to You, To the Rabbit Bank, Mrs. Bagwell's Rhumba, Dram Park/Meeting in a Dream and the other album's vocal track If I Apologised which is given vocals by vocalist Josephine Cronholm. Frustratingly, some areas sell the soundtrack with an exclusive autographed CD by the composer and Dave McKean!

God. This is good.
Buy it if you can!

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