Saturday, September 03, 2005


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They were in the area, so they opted to drop by.

Isha and Maui gave depressed ole me some company today. It was slightly embarassing, with my room looking much like a nuclear bomb testing ground. But I guess it went okay. Part of me was more concerned about them finding my geek-dom too weird. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

Too bad the chances of me ever becoming an Incredible Hulk were as likely as Bush and Bin Laden being twin brothers. Gave Maui a hear of what "The Blower's Daughter" sounds like. The camera had a bunch of more fun shots, but I better ask permission before sharing those!

Their visit helped cheer my somber mood up, that much is certain.

Earlier, I was sort of wading through the internet, swishing between articles, websites and Neopets, and chatting with friends on Yahoo! Messenger without any real heart into most of what I was doing. I dunno. I felt tired. I felt spent. I felt like everything was just turning into one large bowl of "What the Fuck?". Now, I feel a lot more rejuvinated. I smiled a few times. Laughed too. Gah, I hate it when these mood swings hit me. Makes me fucking wonder if I got too much estrogen or something.

A;lso, the rain hasn't abated and the thunder-lightning storm seems much more alive as well though. So I don't know if that's a good thing. Hope it doesn't cancel the game tomorrow.

Can't take my eyes from you.... - The Blower's Daughter


  1. i doubt the rain would stop your players from going to your place and gaming with the best Game Master-- YOU!!! Rain or shine they would be there :) i know i would.




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